Montabonel & Partners

Post-War & Contemporary Art Collections. By Appointment.

Montabonel & Partners specializes in the curation and acquisition of museum-quality Post-War and Contemporary art, offering bespoke strategies that place a premium on safeguarding client privacy and cultivating their art profile. Our unique expertise spans both primary and secondary art markets, enabling us to deliver the three pillars of credibility, access, and knowledge transfer within the intricacies of the art world. We provide our discerning collectors with exclusive entrees into a far-reaching network and actively participate in curatorial projects, fostering a deep connection with the art community.

Our strategic vision is focused on cultivating international recognition and lasting artistic legacies, ensuring that each collection bears a distinctive identity. Our services encompass not only curated access but also scholarly analysis, meticulous due diligence, formidable negotiation prowess, and astute tax planning. Our diverse client base ranges from governments and foundations to private collectors, museums, and multinational corporations.

Over the years, we have undertaken influential advisory roles, including assisting institutions like Tate Modern, sparking intellectual think tanks, curating ground-breaking exhibitions, and facilitating the acquisition of works by renowned artists. Additionally, we have helped set up and supported since a non-profit organization, 'Art Institutions of the 21st Century' (AI21C). At its core, AI21C engages with research, investigating the role, meaning and functioning of art institutions. Periodically, AI21C publishes reports, essays and forecasts, which are the product of long-term, thematic research projects, addressing, among others, public funding and business models in the new art economy, the future of philanthropy, technological impact, and ever-evolving audience engagement.

While our commitment to art is unwavering, at Montabonel & Partners, we firmly believe that every encounter, studio visit, or art expedition should be infused with passion, spark inspiring dialogues, and above all, be an enjoyable pursuit.